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Pakistan Truck Art is a centuries old art form. Trucks in Pakistan are brightly embellished with complex and intriguing designs. Brilliantly painted trucks stand out against the stark backdrop of the Karakoram Highway. Tribal trucks serve as the poor man's art galleries on their 1000 mile run from Karachi to Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Pakistan Truck art is an art form that is mesmerizing the world with its colorful charm and mesmerizing designs. Pakistan and its rich heritage and culture is represented by brilliant colors loved by all.

Truck art in Pakistan used to be the art fix for the poor man. Not any more. Truck Art has made a come back with a bang. Designers, fashionistas and celebrities are flocking and rocking the Truck Art inspired handbags, accessories, furniture and clothing. Watch this video to see what a Pakistani Truck looks like on the inside. 

Typical Truck Art patterns include tigers, eyes, exotic birds, poetry, calligraphy, religious symbolism and even local politicians and Pushtoon movie stars. Paint workshops in the back alleys of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi are run by generations of truck artists who adorn trucks in florescent psychedelic acrylic colors and hang chains and metal jangles, contributing to the popular English moniker ‘The Jingle Truck’.  

Truck Art is reviving Pakistan's image to the world. Embassy of Pakistan Berlin held a 2 day Truck Art fest in which they flew truck artists to paint a piece of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery. Watch this slideshow of amazing truck art here. 

Pakistani Tribal Truck drivers sport a passionate relationship with their rides and pay $3000 or more to get their trucks adorned.

Simple at heart, Pakistani truck drivers are devoted to their vehicles, like they are their own children.
They hang evil eye charms and verses for protection, adorn their vehicles with love poetry and name their trucks after airliners.

The word 'Tayyara' stands for Jet Liner in Urdu.

The Tayyara hobo handbag is exclusive to The Market Find and is inspired by the popular motifs used by the truck artists of Northern Pakistan. The history and passion of truck art is what makes our Tayyara hobo handbag a truly unique and selective addition to your wardrobe. 

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