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Hand Dyeing Silk dupattas(scarves) has been a tradition for Lahori women for centuries. Old Dyers of Lahore have a knack of matching colors to the right RGB value without the aid of modern technology


Colors are stored in tin boxes and master dyer eyeballs the color sample before proceeding to the color pantry. He takes out his measuring spoon and opens several tins at the same time, mixes powders and then comes to the front of the shop. Dyer's vats are simple metal woks, roughly the diameter of a small dining table. Water is boiled in the vats and spoons of powdered dyes thrown in and mixed with a wooden spoon. A test sample is dyed and silk thread dye uptake is noted before the entire length of fabric is submerged. 


Once the desired color is achieved, dyer's assistants parade the newly dyed lengths of silk until it is dry. It is then ironed and folded, ready for customers to pick.


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