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Trade Not Aid

The Market Find employs Pakistani street artisans, family businesses, small manufacturers and home based women workers in various parts of Pakistan. We work with them to determine the materials and labor cost for each product before we start a project. We pay fair wages to all our artisans and often provide working tools and techniques to support their future business. We provide them assistance and training to improve the working standards to produce high quality products, self-assess and QA check everything before they make the delivery to us. 

Social and Financial Impact

We believe that to change a county's socioeconomic landscape, women education and financial empowerment are two key factors that make a real impact. Your purchases bring economic prosperity to skilled workers in Pakistan. 

  • We work with a number of partners like to provide micro-loans to women-owned businesses in Pakistan. 
  • Since 2007 BRAC has reached 2.54 million people in Pakistan to improve their lives and lift them out of poverty.
  • We support local grassroots organizations working to provide skill-based education to rural women in Punjab. Read More about KLWF Projects

a percentage of all The Market Find Cholistan throws support HER project

Supporting Girls Education

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Central Asia Institute's Hope. Rise. Educate program. Sales from our limited collection handmade patchwork Cholistani quilted throws, made by women artisans in Sindh a %age of all sales to the HER program to provide funding to educational charities in Northern Pakistan. 

Show your support to girl's education by donating through The Market Find fundraising page.

The Market Find started with a simple idea. Empowering ethnic artisans by utilizing their centuries old craftsmanship & manufacturing techniques to make modern, ethical and functional products for the world.

All our products are designed in the NYC Metro Area and are made by hand by different artisan groups across Pakistan. A percentage of our proceeds go toward micro-loans, education and vocational training programs. We believe that empowering women with education and commerce brings a positive change in the household dynamic and impacts the society. 

A percentage of our Maharani Throws is donated to HER. SHOP NOW